I have to speak. I am not used to speak. I have asked Dorthe to help me. Derfor er der stimmeworkshop i mit atelier, den 7. juni! Læs mere her:

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Making of…

I worked two days with Dorthe Eggertsen and Rasmus Kajhøj from arthotel on a stop motion music video. Here is a small clip from the unfinished video. Here is a peek behind the scenes. Here is a peek behind the scenes. http://blog.ingridlill.dk/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/IMG_8247.m4v This was when I started at throw paint on Dorthe. Dorthe looks beautiful,…

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A touch of digital magic

Michelle had attended a drawing class in my studio last week. (You can see her portrait in the last post). Today she asked for help with a drawing of herself holding a rose and a whip (don’t ask me….) and a cat with a big bushy tail. The drawing is nice and lively, but the…

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Drawing class

Yesterday’s drawing class was fun. I really enjoy to see how participants soak up the instructions and make really nice drawings – all different. And I wonder why this is not taught in every school! Why is drawing considered “fine art” and not “communication skill”, like writing? We worked hard and concentrated, but there was…

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Image streaming

I found a website called “Project Renaissance ” by Win Wenger. He is proposing to use a technique he calls “image streaming”, to enhance intelligence and creativity. It is basically letting images come to your mind and describing them while they show up. Interestingly, this is is exactly what I did constantly when I was a…

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Webinar sketchnotes

   The other day on the train I watched a lovely webinar that Amir Karkouti held about how to run a Facebook group, and made some messy sketches. Thank you DSB Danish Railway for free internet on the train!

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Jammed head versus clear head

This drawing is inspired by a little text by success and resilience coach Sara Priestley: “Jammed” head is likely to be looking “outside” for reasons and fixes. “Clear” head is likely to feel happier and have more confidence. Big generalisations. The key thing is, both are normal. We move between them as naturally as breathing…

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