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Tuesday May 3rd, 8 PM Copenhagen time

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Branding Café recording

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Your (potential) customer has two faces

Face number one is when they are distressed, confused, desperate. (This is the first panel in my storyboards.) Face number two is their “real” face. This is how things should be. This is is the state that you help them achieve through your service. In your communication, you have to be aware of…

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Big, ugly and expensive – but I love it.

I bought a new gadget! When I saw it on the website of my favourite app – Concepts by Tophatch – I knew that I needed it. It is even bigger than I thought it would be. Now I’m schlepping half a desk through the house when I want to draw. But I’m…

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Find Your Message Workshop

  If you find it difficult to explain what you do in your business, you are likely one of those creative people with many (maybe too many…) ideas. And, creative people are often visual thinkers. Before you juggle more words around, maybe try a different approach: Have your message sketched out visually! I’ll…

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Workshop: Drawing on the iPad

Drawing on paper is great – but when you take a photo to use it on social media, it often looks yellowish and dark. This can spoil the prettiest drawing!

In order to have professional-looking illustrations you have to master some kind of digital magic. I will show you how you can transform your doodle into a clear and crisp illustration!

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Creating vs. Curating

First and foremost I see myself as a creator. Always have been, and always will be. So, the logical thing is to just create and share what I am doing, right? But, there might be more to it. When listening to Josh Spector’s presentation about the “content compass” I first thought it wasn’t…

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Business in times of war

I haven’t sent emails or posted on social media this week. I just didn’t know what to say. Felt kind of paralyzed by the war in Ukraine. I know it doesn’t make sense, but I’m checking the news every half hour, trying to understand a bit what is happening. My heart goes out…

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Don’t market yourself, market your message

  Don’t market yourself, market your message! Back then when I was a graphic designer, I was relying solely on word-of-mouth for getting jobs. I wouldn’t have known how to market myself if I wanted. Somehow, enough work found me. Some of it was interesting. Some, not so much. Then I discovered the…

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Lill style kitchen timer sprints

  If you’re anything like me, you find it more difficult to work ON your business than to do IN your business. Getting motivated for client work is easy because you have deadlines For working on my own stuff, I need help. Like, the Pomodoro technique. Today is the first time I tried…

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Draw-Your-Dreams Workshop

January is a good time to look ahead – have you set your goals and visions already? If not, why don’t you come to my free workshop today and have me draw your dreams?! You can also draw along! It is always interesting to see which of the goals have materialized. Here is…

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