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Draw-Your-Dreams Workshop

January is a good time to look ahead – have you set your goals and visions already? If not, why don’t you come to my free workshop today and have me draw your dreams?! You can also draw along! It is always interesting to see which of the goals have materialized. Here is…

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Reach for the stars

I find it difficult to set goals. Should I go for the stars (or, Oprah…), or be realistic and for starters strive for something boring like a stable income? When I’m honest, all these measurable and quantifiable goals don’t inspire me at all. I want my life, and business to feel like a dance.…

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Visual Linkedin Profile Template

  Linkedin used to feel scary. Somehow it felt like I was the only one who didn’t have it all figured out. Since then a few things have changed!   First and foremost, I did quite a bit of figuring-out-work for my business. Only then I actually WANTED to promote it. I found…

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Amplifying ideas

“We live with the maddening reality that in today’s noisy world, the best ideas don’t always win. So those who care need to work harder than ever to make sure important ideas are resonating in ways that will inspire lasting change. Studies show we can cut through the noise with a product, idea or service in six easy steps!

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Working on weekends?

I have to admit – I work on weekends. Here is what I did last weekend: A tiny bit of administrative work that I didn’t get done during the week. I’m SO glad that I have an accountant now! Watching green screen tutorials for my super professional videos-to-come Planning a free brand kickstart…

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Superpower? Me?

What is your superpower? „Superpower” sounds like something big and unusual. But maybe that’s wrong! The other day I did a Brand Kickstart session with somebody who wants to focus on a topic that is near to her heart and has been for many years. So, you’d think: What is she waiting for?…

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Fight Funnel Vision

  If you are an entrepreneur in the online space, you have come across the concept of funnels. The idea is simply that you give people a little freebie in order to get them into your sphere of influence (i.e. on your newsletter), so you can sell stuff to them later. There is…

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No more “posting on social media”

Content marketing is a chore – or, is it? I have a love-hate relationship with social media. Often it feels like I am working for these big, evil companies for free. On the other hand, I have made a lot of really nice connections, especially here on Linkedin. And sometimes people find and hire…

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How to talk about your business

Last weekend I drew an illustration. I posted it yesterday as a visual story in a slideshow on LinkedIn. You can see it here.  (You’re welcome to say hello in the comments. It is always nice to hear from you, and it helps with visibility!) After one day the post has gotten 19 likes,…

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Simply Celebrate: From Storyboard to Video

Sherry Richert Belul helps creative women live the life of their dreams – through an uncommon vehicle: Celebration. Celebration of moments,  celebration of other people, celebration of yourself. Her mantra is “make moments into gifts”. I tried to capture Sherry’s work in this storyboard. (Click to enlarge.) When Sherry Richert Belul’s Storyboard was…

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