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Webinar sketchnotes Amir Karkouti

   The other day on the train I watched a lovely webinar that Amir Karkouti held about how to run a Facebook group, and made some messy sketches. Thank you DSB Danish Railway for free internet on the train!

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Art & Astrology workshop II

I have just finished the experimental astrology-and-art workshop in my studio, together with astrologer Jeannie Hermina.  We had eight adventurous participants who came from all over the country. (The country isn’t that big). We started with having tea, and an introduction by Jeannie about the planet constellation about in the coming year. Then everybody got a new name for the…

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Lill Advent Calendar

  Give love instead of chocolate! Or, give both. There are going to be 24 Lill angels who want to bring a message to your loved ones – or to yourself! The advent calendar is here. You also find it in the sidebar. Click on today’s angel, print the paper slip, fill out, fold or roll and give. I left…

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Workshop: Nytårsmeditation og maleri i Jupiters tegn

Kom til en inspirerende aften i godt selskab, hvor vi sætter fokus på det nye år med planeter, papir, farver og tegnestift. Der er en af de ”12 magiske nætter” op til julen, hvor energien er ekstra høj og den anden verden tættere på end normalt. Vi er i Skyttens tegn og i Jupiters måned. Astrolog og håndlæser Jeannie Hermina…

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Webinar sketches


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Wanija Spirit Love List

This is a silent messenger, inspired by australian rock paintings. These silent messengers have an aura around their head, but never a mouth. Today one of them  found its way on to a “love list” you can print out and give to someone. Read more about Love lists here Click on picture to download a high res pdf. Print, fill…

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Come and draw with me – online

We meet online in a group-videconference (Zoom) and I show you how I draw… something useful, or something fun, or something that was requested.  Usually I prepare a theme like faces, figures, useful images – but you can come with input if you have a wish or a challenge. We are still a small group, and it is very ……

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Self image

About me

This was the first drawing that I did on October 4, 2017. The “About me” section had always been the most scary part. I never knew what I should write about me, it always came out wrong. That’s why “About me” was the first thing that I tackled on my new website. Drawing the different versions of myself was so…

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