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Webinar sketches


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Wanija Spirit Love List

This is a silent messenger, inspired by australian rock paintings. These silent messengers have an aura around their head, but never a mouth. Today one of them  found its way on to a “love list” you can print out and give to someone. Read more about Love lists here Click on picture to…

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Come and draw with me – online

We meet online in a group-videconference (Zoom) and I show you how I draw… something useful, or something fun, or something that was requested.  Usually I prepare a theme like faces, figures, useful images – but you can come with input if you have a wish or a challenge. We are still a…

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Self image

About me

This was the first drawing that I did on October 4, 2017. The “About me” section had always been the most scary part. I never knew what I should write about me, it always came out wrong. That’s why “About me” was the first thing that I tackled on my new website. Drawing…

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