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Make the leap – become visible!

Are you active on social media? First time I posted a drawing on Facebook, I was really scared. Heart pounding, palms sweating…  But I made the leap and started posting. And I’m glad I did. My business wouldn’t exist without social media. Especially Linkedin had been good to me. I am actually getting clients directly from Linkedin.   The pencil…

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Friday Freebie

when I started my own business, I worked as a graphic design freelancer, and took on whatever job was coming along. I designed pillows, cardboard boxes and rugs. Logos, websites and videos for inventors, theatres and organisations. Then I did graphic facilitation and drawing classes – and now I am doing brand consulting for coaches and consultants. The common thread…

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A Safe Harbour for the Homeless, Addicted and Mentally Ill

Here is the result of a Storyboarding session with a Canadian non-profit organisation. The connection was made through  – a branding agency I had worked with before. The challenge Their communication challenge was to figure out a brand story for Safe Harbour. They want the citizens’ acceptance, who tend to feel threatened by Safe Harbour’s “misfits” and are failing to see…

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Let’s talk Superpowers

What are your superpowers? . If you are at loss for words to describe what makes you unique, try a personality test! According to the Gallup strengths finder test, my strengths are strategic thinking, ideation and visioning. . – “Find connections between seemingly disparate phenomena”? Yes! – “Take something familiar and view it from a strange but enlightening angle”? Yes!…

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Gap Filling

As a business owner, you should be looking for a gap. The gap that prevents your (prospective) clients to reach the next level in their business. If you can provide the missing piece, you have a potential business. If you can name the gap, you have a business. If you have a gap-filler for your clients, it is much (much!)…

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Zero in

Do you know what your website is about? I was interviewed by Dennis Geelen, author of “the Zero in formula”, for his upcoming course. Watch this little clip to get a 3 minute overview about the elements of Brand Storytelling.  

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Grow up!

  The other day a client said to me: You helped me grow up in my business. You helped me cut away the fluff I was hiding behind. Now I can tell my clients: “This is me and this is what I am doing.” I think this is a beautiful way of putting it. Something I wouldn’t have thought of…

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Draw your Big Vision for 2021

Let’s start a fresh, exciting and creative year together, no matter what! 

As a kickoff, I’ll do a Draw-your-vision class on the 5th and the 12th of January. (Because I figure that our big plans won’t fit into one hour)

This is only the first class of a whole round of Lill Drawing Club activities.

Sign up here:

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LiLLuminations in Næstved

In December 2020 I was part of the “cultural advent calendar” in Næstved City together with a group of artists, and projected festive drawings onto house facades. Special thanks to Dorthe Eggertsen for organizing the event, and to Pernille Plantenter Holst for technical assistance. If you want to see more drawing projections, take a look here at  

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A new level of clarity

Brand Storyboard: Business Coach Rochelle Moulton “Ingrid has terrific insight and her ability to draw ideas so fast just blew me away… it was fun seeing what I do come to life on the screen! Part of her “magic” is asking insightful questions and translating that to a powerful visual. Highly recommend for those needing a new level of clarity…

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