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Brand Colors

  When people think about branding, they think about logo and colours. I did, too, for the longest time. Heck, I studied visual communication and did graphic design for decades.  But now I see that positioning, identity,  and marketing all go together.  If you are able to solve a  sticky problem for your clients, they wouldn’t care if you have an Easter bunny for a logo. Make your solution to their problem front and centre. Then pick a brand colour that you like and  speaks to your audience. Don’t use bright pink if you’re an accountant (unless you are the one accountant who does things in a pink kind of way!)  Sometimes playing around with colours and logos is a…

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You have to trigger a Rolodex Moment

What do you say when you get asked: “And, what do you do in your business?” Unless you have a very defined role like “painter” or  “chef”, it can be tricky. You don’t want to give a long-winded answer, but you also want to be specific enough. After all, it could be that your new acquaintance knows somebody who needs your services! Here is a word I learned from business coach Jonathan Stark:  Your message needs to trigger a “Rolodex moment”. When you say what you do, it should trigger their brain to search for people who need exactly your service. “Career coach” is better than “Coach”. “Career Coach for moms” is even better. And if you are a…

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Brand Storyboard: Jonathan Stark

Video from a Storyboarding session with author and business coach Jonathan Stark, whose work and advice I’m following. Listen to him if you are tired of trading time for money, and if you want to see how crystal clear messaging looks. If you want to get a Brand Storyboard taster, come to the Lill Storyboard Café! You can sign up for notifications here

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Podcast interview

    I was interviewed for the podcast by Myriam Hadnes: “Are you still searching for your message? The terminology we use as facilitators may seem confusing for some of our clients. We must discover and use the right language that our audience understands, and this starts by considering the big picture of a brand. I’m so excited for you to listen to this episode of workshops work because I’m joined by the incredible Ingrid Lill, a top brand strategist who helps coaches and consultants turn “confusing lingo into a clear message” that their client can understand.

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Know your Talking Points

It can be challenging to publish content consistently – be it newsletters, blog posts or social media content. Not because you have nothing to say or show. On the contrary. Chances are that you have too many ideas. I know this problem all too well! It helps to know your core message. Once you have nailed it, you can choose a few talking points that illuminate your message from various angles. Write them down and hang them over your desk! Maybe even draw them on a piece of paper as red dots that serve as magnets, or buckets,  for ideas. (hey, I need to draw that!) Here are my topic buckets: –  See – literally and figuratively.  Thoughts and…

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Defeat your inner mouse

Do you know this situation? You want to post on Social Media. Daily.   And then… you just don’t. Because you all of a sudden you “don’t feel like it”. Or because you are confused about what to post. Or something happens so you “forget”. This had been me. I blamed it on my “introvert personality.” Until I found out, it is precisely not me! There is an enemy. The enemy is… My inner Mouse. Life is so much easier when you have identified the enemy. Let’s defeat the Mouse! If you read this post, caging the Mouse has worked. (Of course, my Mouse is a manifestation of what Seth Godin calls “Lizard Brain” and Stephen Pressfield calls “Resistance”.…

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Brand Storyboard: Agile Pattern Transformation

The challenge: To make invisible work stand out Meet my client Gregory Tutunjian from Boston, Massachusettes. He is an experienced management and IT consultant with a whole tail of abbreviations in his Linkedin Profile. PMI-ACP, CDA, SPC5…. Greg contacted me because he was struggling to communicate what he is doing in his work. Here is what he wrote:  I am not happy with my website. I “appear” as many similar consultants, but I am not similar. I need to distinguish myself and separate myself from “the herd.”  Therefore I wish to communicate my intent, purpose, and ability confidently, in a very illustrative and engaging way. The problem for consultants like Greg is that their work is “invisible”. You can…

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Brand Storyboard: Web Design Firm

Suzanne is a designer and web developer who has also joined my Drawing Club because she is now illustrating her marketing material herself! Here is what she said about the Brand Storyboard Process: I had Ingrid help me to figure out the story of my business. I was just talking, and Ingrid was able to take my many words and put them down succinctly on this one picture. It makes it so much easier to describe my process after having gone through my clients’ goals and vision. And it gave me all these great images that I can use on my website! Suzanne Harrison,          

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Brand Storyboard: Fatloss made simple

Christopher Becker – coach [b] – is passionate to get the word out about his comprehensive fat loss program. We started by nailing down his message, by really getting into his customers’ heads. Chris knows how his clients are feeling, having been overweight himself. So for me, it was just a matter of capturing the right words and emotions, and categorizing them into the three parts of the story. In the phase after the Storyboard session I gave him feedback and tips on how to implement it on his website. Chris decided to go with a 6 months mentoring package with monthly calls about the setup of his complex membership site, writing his manifesto, and the occasional illustration. Here…

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Brand Storyboard: Dementia Consultant

How illustration can help to get your brand message across. You can’t use photos if you are working with something sensitive, like dementia care. Which is why Rachael Wonderlin from Dementia by Day is using illustrations.   In a couple of Zoom sessions Rachael explained to me what she is doing for her customers in her business. I sketched while she was describing her unique approach. Here you can read more about how I developed her illustrations from her Brand Storyboarding Sketch     This process helps to become clear what it is exactly that you are doing for your clients. It helps to structure your website. And you get lots of relevant ideas for images, be it photography, or illustration. Rachael…

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