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How to find the golden egg

One of my clients is a web designer. She does all kinds of websites, because…

“I don’t want to do websites for dentists for the rest of my life!”

Picking a niche – i.e. specializing – is a scary thing to do.

But it is also the best way to make progress with your business.

It means serving only a certain group of people.

Or, offering only a certain thing.

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Brand Storyboard: Crisis Compass

I did a session with “Crisis Compass” CEO Thomas Lahnthaler. We talk about how business owners can create their own choices in uncertain times. Here is an excerpt from our conversation. You can watch the whole session below. Complete session recording  

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Your thing and the box

“What is your one most important, your signature service?” This is the question where I often meet resistance when talking to clients. They don’t want to be put in a box. But try playing with the thought of narrowing down your offers. What is the one thing that is most effective? The one thing that interests you most? The one…

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Just be you!

All the marketing advice out there requires you to “be authentic”. But what if “authentic” is so quiet that nobody notices you? Or if your “authentic” is too bold and bright for your corporate customers. Should you then tone yourself down? Or find new customers? What if you hate public speaking. Should you do it anyway, or would that be…

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The cover page for your business

last Friday I started to give away free website reviews. A handful of my readers was so brave to accept my offer and sent me over to their website. It was lovely to see what they are doing – I looked at sites of artists, app developers and coaches. Five minutes is not a long time to look at a…

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Free 5-minute-website review

I want to offer you a gift for signing up to my newsletter: Free 5-minute- website reviews! It is very easy: sign up and send me your website address, and a few words about what you want your site to do. (Btw, this can already be an eye-opener!) I’ll then send you a little video with advice about what works,…

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Made Mistake? Move on

Yesterday I sent out a mail where I wrote “know” without k in the topic line. How embarrassing. But what can I do? Once an email is sent, it is gone. Laugh, and move on, as a kind soul suggested.
Site title
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Your Archetypal Voice

Have you checked the brand quiz here on the site? It is like a personality test for your brand!  The quiz is based on Carol S. Pearson’s book “The Hero and the Outlaw”, based on ancient Story archetypes. It is fun to do and can be helpful in finding your brand voice. It doesn’t replace the fundamental work of finding…

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Have Business? Find Dragon!

If you have a business, you need to be seen and heard. But It can be difficult to muster up the motivation, courage, or courage, to speak about yourself. But if you’re on a mission, it is easy to speak up. It even becomes your responsibility. Because if it is you who knows how to rid the world of an evil dragon,…

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Use a pen to think better

Last week I did a Storyboarding session with a group of people. It was a pretty complex communication puzzle that needed to be solved. There is a lot of information being processed in these three hours. But although it does require focus, I don’t think it is particularly exhausting.  There are several reasons for that. 1. I don’t have to keep the information…

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