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Must see video with surprise guest

I’m not going to write a lot about this, to avoid spoilers. Sometimes, unexpected things happen and greet us!

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Gold in the Mud

  In market your message, I gave you some questions that might help with finding your message. It inspired me to draw someone digging. The heap of dirt reminded me that the message is often buried in a mess we have overcome. Like the formerly shy public speaking coach who is now teaching…

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Speed speech writing

  It took me a few years to find out that speaking is a useful skill. When I slowly began adopting the scary thought that this was a trainable skill, the universe promptly answered by hurling me via weird internet ways into the Wigan Speakers Club that was meeting online because of Covid restrictions.…

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Market your message

  I read somewhere: Don’t market yourself, market your message! Sounds good, doesn’t it? But finding your message isn’t always easy. Sometimes in my storyboarding sessions, a message emerges by itself. Sometimes it requires a bit of digging. After we have defined the customer’s circumstances, I ask: “We can see that your customer…

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Your Flagship

I’m all about communicating clearly. But – you also have to know WHAT you want to communicate clearly! This is something that Donald Miller doesn’t talk about. He supposes that everyone knows what they want to offer and that what they are doing, works well. It is not always that straightforward, though. What…

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Urban Sketching at Holmegaard Værk

Last Weekend I walked around Holmegaard Glasværk in the old  glas manufacturing hall – now turned into an exciting museum. I was looking for motifs for a possible Urban Sketching class.

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Your solar system of topics

Are you clear about your THING? Your big idea, your vision, your life project? If yes, congratulations! If not, welcome to the club. I find it terribly intimidating to come up with a life theme. But why does it have to be for a whole life? Why not decide on a topic “for…

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Pricing Excellence

When I came across this Ted talk  three years ago, I didn’t like the sound of “no one will ever pay you what you are worth”. At all. My premise was that people WOULD notice that I’m excellent, just from showing my work. I found it interesting enough to draw a note about…

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Eggs, Potential and the Messy Middle

Above you see the first stage of starting a project. So many ideas, so many possibilities! It feels great. But there are two more stages to come. But then, as soon as you begin pinning them down, it is as if they evaporate. On paper, they don’t look nearly as good as you…

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Daily Practice

I’m writing a daily email. And if you’re in the process of building an audience,  I recommend that you do the same. I had committed to a daily practice before – posting a drawing on Facebook every day – and it was life changing. Or, let’s say.. business changing. Not that publishing daily…

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