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Writing template for posts and articles

  You have already written your Big Story for your next Ted talk (if not, download the  Signature Story template and get started! But what about the everyday writing you are struggling with? How can you produce content for social media posts, fast? I hate to sit with a blank page every time, starting…

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A fertile ground for Aha-Moments

Recipe for growing new ideas – two minds, one paper, and a pencil! The other day I had a Brand Storyboarding Session with Paul, who is a brilliant and successful business consultant. He had gotten disenchanted with the corporate world and is toying with the idea of becoming a motivational speaker. He already…

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My messy pencil – about hidden strengths.

Have you heard the saying “your mess is your message?” I think there is something true in there. During many years as a graphic designer, I didn’t do illustrations, because my lines were crooked and the whole thing looked „too messy“. Until one day I had the lightbulb idea to make exactly the…

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Freebie: Do you know who you are?

Do you know who you are and what you are doing? I guess. Can you SAY who you are and what you are doing? It can be surprisingly difficult. Especially if you do something that is intangible, complicated, or new. Of course, you don’t NEED an original label. I lived my life happily with…

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No B.S. Agency – a Brand Storyboard Interview with Pia Silva

I spoke with business coach Pia Silva about the new program that she and her husband Steven are putting out in the world. Here is their website:

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Think – feel – do. A framework for writing

Drawing is fun. But I found out drawing isn’t enough. If you want to reach your audience, there is no way around writing – and writing well. I came across a framework called „Think-feel-do“, that might be helpful for people like me who want to learn to write better. For impactful writing, you…

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Through the forest to a happy ending

“Worried about the world? Here’s what you need to know: We live in a story. And that means that we can change it.“ Mary Alice Arthur is a story activist. She just launched the the book 365 Alive! – A revolutionary field guide to your inner superpower – Story. Before you read the…

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Make the leap – become visible!

Are you active on social media? First time I posted a drawing on Facebook, I was really scared. Heart pounding, palms sweating…  But I made the leap and started posting. And I’m glad I did. My business wouldn’t exist without social media. Especially Linkedin had been good to me. I am actually getting…

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Friday Freebie

when I started my own business, I worked as a graphic design freelancer, and took on whatever job was coming along. I designed pillows, cardboard boxes and rugs. Logos, websites and videos for inventors, theatres and organisations. Then I did graphic facilitation and drawing classes – and now I am doing brand consulting…

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A Safe Harbour for the Homeless, Addicted and Mentally Ill

Here is the result of a Storyboarding session with a Canadian non-profit organisation. The connection was made through  – a branding agency I had worked with before. The challenge Their communication challenge was to figure out a brand story for Safe Harbour. They want the citizens’ acceptance, who tend to feel threatened by Safe…

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