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About once a month I demonstrate the Brand Storyboarding process which is the basis for all my branding work.

I'll do a mini session with a volunteer in the hot seat but it is also interesting for the ones who are observing.

More about my branding process. Send me an email to to apply for free sketch-your-brand mini session  (and are willing to have it recorded and made public)

It was an eye opener to see the external and internal pain points! What also was really helpful was the need to be clear and specific about what makes Slimfellows different. I spend lots of time saying what the Slimfellows is - but not how it is unique and that is very important.  Many thanks for the insight - it brought a new clarity!

David Brookes, Slimfellows


I feel my business feels much more accessible now, visualising the scene of the BEFORE. I’m now able to ‘walk around’ inside the clients life and understand it better.

Harriet Poole,

Ingrid's process helps get clarity and sets the scene of the real problem that you (aim to) solve for your clients, without getting lost in sub-issues or side benefits. I strongly recommend her brand storyboarding, as well as her brilliant drawing class. Thank you, Ingrid!

Cris Ticoi, Little Pelican language lessons


I've been wrestling with my marketing for 2 years and could not go full into it, because I didn't know how to make it clear for my audience. And I didn't know what to choose.  If I would have had this session 2 years ago I think I would have made my e-course already!"

Mirna Limon, artist