Drawings & Design


René Hjetting – Branding through illustrations

René is an author and marketing expert from Denmark. He is one of the clients…

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Whiteboard animations

I was a graphic facilitator for Høng Gymnasium og HF’s series of facilitated workshops and…

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Case Study: Dementia and Watercolor

How illustration can help to get your brand message across. You can’t use photos if…

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Branding the Thick Shelled River Mussel

The visual identity of Næstved commune’s ecological Suså project is done with illustrations and design.…

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Support for families with addiction

    “We were having trouble with our messaging and struggling to clarify our language…

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Visual support for leadership seminar in Holbæk

“Din streg er næsten blevet synonym med ledelsesudvikling, så udover den er flot, sætter den…

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Financial advising business – illustrated

“After I used the first page of your illustration in my newsletter yesterday. I have…

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Specialist in Customs and Transport


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Drawing at the leader meeting at Kalundborg kommune

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Graphic Recording Sundhedscenter

I did live drawings at a day at a teambuilding-day at sundhescenter Næstved – on…

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Dronten in Lejre – alive and kicking

    I developed the “Dodo” for the children culture project in Lejre commune –…

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Webinar sketches


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Graphic Recording for University College

I documented seminars and workshops at the Kompetencehub conference for University College, Zealand. Here are…

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  1. gabi on November 20, 2017 at 22:04

    hellole from southern-germany – just looked at your last drawings and laughed out loud! Non digital-dogs in Hyggeland and tasty brain-slices for cold winterdays – your so funny! like to see, what comes next… lovely greetings from the wooden gabi (yes, i tried to write in english; little exercise couldn’t be so bad 🙂 ) to super-sauerkrautninja

  2. LiLL on November 21, 2017 at 09:48

    Oooh thank you! Greetings back!

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