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Superpower Summer Course


Create your Signature Service now so it is ready to sell when your customers are back from holiday. 

July -August 2021

Are you hiding behind a million offers?
Or do you dare to stand out and focus on one thing?


Imagine, you could focus on the one thing that you love doing, and get paid for it!

The one thing that you are known for.

The one thing that you can build your brand around.

Your superpower service.

Standing out and selling your superpower service is so much easier than offering a million things.

Find your Superpower Service

Free Mini-Course

Brand your business through your unique signature service. This playful mini-workshop helps you decide in which direction to go with your business.

Free Drawing Minicourse

Learn how to draw smiling faces and small portraits, even if you have never drawn before!



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Illustration made Easy

Self learn drawing class & live webinars


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