Headache for Clarity

I see it time and time over with my clients and students:

They are great at what they are doing. They have worked a long time to perfect their craft.

Now, they try to convey every nuance of their thinking and the thinking behind the thinking.

And often they talk about what THEY do instead of what THEIR CLIENTS experience.

The result is often abstract and difficult to understand.

If you are struggling to convey your message clearly, here is an exercise for you:

Imagine explaining it to someone who would be your ideal client  – but has a terrible headache right now.

People who stumble across your posts or website don't want all the nuances!

They just want to know, "Is this for me or not?".

If it is, they'll dive down into your blog archives.

This might feel like dumbing it down a notch or two. Don't be afraid that your peers will look down on you. Probably, they'll admire your clarity!

But when you want to catch a possible client's attention, put yourself in their shoes and keep it short and sweet.

Oh, and I forgot: Try drawing it!!!

Are you struggling with conveying your message?

Stay creative


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