Lill style pomodoro sprints


If you're anything like me, you find it more difficult to work ON your business than to do IN your business.

Getting motivated for client work is easy because you have deadlines

For working on my own stuff, I need help. Like, the Pomodoro technique.

You need a kitchen timer or a visual timer on your phone, so you can SEE how much time is left

Here is my strategy:

1. Imagine the outcome (or even make a little sketch of it)

2. Set a kitchen timer to 25 or 50 minutes. I think 25 works better

3. Work! There will be a bit of an adrenaline rush that helps you get to your goal

4. Finish on time!

5. Keep a visual list of tasks done, so you can see them building up to your productive and successful life

6. Celebrate!

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