Make a point

I was asked the other day how I got started with my business.

It is difficult to define the point where I got started, because it feels more like a long process than one point in time.

Yes, there were milestones, like when I discovered that drawing could be easy.

Or when I posted my first drawing about "staying in the now" in a Facebook group (heart pounding!!!)

It was the first drawing I made not to show the drawing, but to to make a point. 

Drawings can help to make a point. 

This is the "message first" approach that I teach in Visual Minds. Don't worry so much about if the drawing is pretty.

(And I show you tons of tricks to make it pretty).

When you know what point you want to make, you can draw it, write about it, or make a song about it!

Or all three.

Have a fun-filled weekend!