Sketches from Brøderup Efterskole

Schopenhauer sketched


Festival sketches

Here are some sketches from the famous Ekko festival in Tybjerglille Bakker, Denmark.                                  

Wall of faces – light drawing at Næstved Street Festival

Drawing at the leader meeting at Kalundborg kommune


Graphic Recording Sundhedscenter

I did live drawings at a day at a teambuilding-day at sundhescenter Næstved – on the big paper, and also sketches on myiPad

Do you think it is scary to show up?

Do you find it difficult to show up and share your talents with the world? You might have the perspective wrong! I share some thoughts that made it easier for me to…

Re-invent yourself in the new year.

The nice thing about drawing is that it lets you try out new things without risk. Need a new identity? Take your pen and watercolor and try out how you want to…

Illustration made easy!

Do you want to become your own illustrator at warp speed? Super fast, super fun. Click here to see my new classes. It totally works!

What I learned in Stasia’s Style School

After I saw her TedxTalk, I was fascinated by Stasia Savasuk and just knew that I wanted to experience her “Style School”. Well, I did, and it was mind-blowing. I’ll write more…

Glamorous Ice Queen Look

Here I am documenting my newly sparked interest in clothing style. Not fashion. I think it is utterly fascinating to look at the humen body like a piece of art and find…

Lill Fashion Style Story

Here is my “style story” from age 7 to now. I wonder how it will end… And! I will practice to draw *figures with clothing* tomorrow at the tuesday drawing club. It would…

Draw your emotions

Taking the leap

I am currently participating in a wonderful 21-day online class called “Taking the Leap” by Mary Schiller. (Take a look here) I am re-descovering (again! again!) that the boxes that we construct…

Hybrid Thinking: Sketchnotes from Ray Kurzweil’s Ted Talk

Dronten – logo for Lejre børnekultur

I made a logo and poster design for  a children culture project in Lejre commune. You can see the bird in action on their website – click on the various activities. Part…

Workshop with Kimberley Hare


Sketchnotes from a workshop with Barb Patterson

See more sketches from the workshop                        

The myth of self-confidence

In my classes I meet lots of  wonderful creative people who don’t express what they have to say because they lack self confidence. I know what this feels like, I have been…

Key elements of my illustration style

While working on my new online drawing course, I have identified the two key elements of my drawing style. Here is a sneak peek from the first lesson.

Live Sketches from Ekko music festival

Draw-your-brand with Lori Levine

Before I had my session with you, I wasn’t 100% clear about my client or how to brand myself. When I would think about this on my own, I felt like I…

Sanina is illustrating her book

Tusinde tak for en sjov, intens og udbytterig kursus, der bragte mig mange skridt videre. Jeg fik alle mine illustrationsudfordringer

Bo: Everyday stories

Ingrids kursus var fremragende og kan varmt anbefales! Vi fik en god introduktion til at lave simple men

Stephanie Chen’s customers transformation

“Before the session with Ingrid, I had a very vague description of who my clients were and

Michala uses drawings for branding her business

I highly recommend Ingrids drawing and design classes. Her courses are loaded with step by step instructions, helpful templates, tips and

Malika developed her own style

“I took Ingrid’s drawing class because I have always loved to draw but I had very little confidence. Ingrid taught me

Sketches from Ollerup music shool’s festival


Do you want a life purpose? Create one!

Arbejdsweekend på Næstved Fri Skole


Wonder 1


I have to speak. I am not used to speak. I have asked Dorthe to help me. Derfor er der stimmeworkshop i mit atelier, den 7. juni! Læs mere her:

Making of…

I worked two days with Dorthe Eggertsen and Rasmus Kajhøj from arthotel on a stop motion music video. Here is more info about the project. Dorthe: Still beautiful even after I threw…

Generalforsamling på verdens bedste skole

Sketchnotes fra generalforsamlingen.  

artAlive – stop motion music video production

Last week’s drawing class

My mission: Denmark learns to draw!

A drawing a day keeps the therapist away.

3P Nordic Network Conference


Creative Collage Class

The three stages of a drawing

Maybe three stages of anything? I don’t know if stage 2 is superflous or necessary.

A touch of digital magic

Michelle had attended a drawing class in my studio last week. (You can see her portrait in the last post). Today she asked for help with a drawing of herself holding a…

Drawing class

Yesterday’s drawing class was fun. I really enjoy to see how participants soak up the instructions and make really nice drawings – all different. And I wonder why this is not taught…

Image streaming

I found a website called “Project Renaissance ” by Win Wenger. He is proposing to use a technique he calls “image streaming”, to enhance intelligence and creativity. It is basically letting images come…

Webinar sketchnotes Amir Karkouti

   The other day on the train I watched a lovely webinar that Amir Karkouti held about how to run a Facebook group, and made some messy sketches. Thank you DSB Danish…

Jammed head versus clear head

This drawing is inspired by a little text by success and resilience coach Sara Priestley: “Jammed” head is likely to be looking “outside” for reasons and fixes. “Clear” head is likely to…

Your life purpose in three easy steps?

I did this drawing a few years ago, after YouTube showed me the Ted Talk by a guy called Adam Leipzig. I guess it was in one of the phases

World canvas

This is my new really big, really ugly chair for my studio. But, transformation has begun.

Ordinary evening

Practice non-attachment

I couldn’t draw for a few days. Then I caved in and bought a new pencil. In my next newsletter I’m going to tell you the brand I’m using.

Two ways

I have been working on my soon-to-come online drawing class – and for some reason it just didn’t happen. I couldn’t get myself to concentrate, I was facing technical problems, it just…

Summer memories

Sketching a scenery connects you in a deep way.  While you’re sketching, and later when you look at the drawing. I hope Ibster, Hunhans and the others are having a great time…

Drawing classes are FUN!

After yesterday’s drawing class in my studio I think I am about to get passionate about teaching to draw. Everybody can draw, given the permission, the right tools and a few hints.…


I really want to finish my little online-drawing class. I also want to do more graphic recording.  I DON’T need more ideas for t-shirts. On the other hand – it is FUN…

Su Busson began drawing cartoons for her blog

I have always dreamed of being able to illustrate a little bit – for my blog and for little everyday stories. But I drew worse than a kindergarten

Don’t overdose

I have kind of a love-hate relationship with Pinterest, Instagram and other sites that lead to picture-binging. A little dose might be fine, but  most of the time it makes me less…

A sad day.

Work-life balance

I really have to get back to work now.

Manifest your reality

i Love painting.

Two wings

Thoughts – and the associated  feelings –  go up and down. There seems to be a natural fluctuation, and no way to control them. But that doesn’t have to keep you from…

Bad art day today

  Yesterday I sent out an uplifting and inspiring newsletter. Today it didn’t go so well.

Automatic writing

I don’t know yet what to do with these glyphs… I guess they will show up on a painting sooner or later.

Listen to your hands, not your thoughts

If I would always listen to my thoughts, I would never get anything done. All I get from thought is: 1) Fantasies how great everything is going to be, and then 2)…

The truth about limiting beliefs.

Click to see how to get rid of those beliefs… <— back to blog

Sketchbook morning

My idea generator

Artist statement: Smile

I wonder if this is enough for an artist statement…

Lill webshop is live!

I have worked hard on getting some Lill products out in the world. Check out my shop on Redbubble.

Ask your hands

What is your why? What is your life purpose? What is it you want to give to the world? These questions show up time and again, and seem to be important. And…

My webshop is ready!

Take a look! And here is the wall calendar with Lill creatures.

Happy new year!

Drawing is magic!

What if  you can simply draw what you want into your life? Wouldn’t that be a fun experiment? Make a wish-list while using the creative part of the brain, instead of the…

Make a webshop

I’m exploring different platforms. Haven’t decided yet which is best for me. Here is my preliminary Redbubble shop.

Danish Christmas

This was lots of food! But I’m looking towards the new year full of energy. This will be a fun year. If I manage to get up from the sofa, that is.

Social media presence

Happy Birthday!

Thank you!

Listen to your Muse

Art & Astrology workshop I

You can read about this event and see photos here.

Art & Astrology workshop II

I have just finished the experimental astrology-and-art workshop in my studio, together with astrologer Jeannie Hermina.  We had eight adventurous participants who came from all over the country. (The country isn’t that…

Graphic recording

Don’t make these 4 common mistakes

New TV day 2

Today the big TV made more sense.

New TV

Explore! Viking imagery.

No work

Giv’ en tegnekurs som julegave!

Angel project

Advent calendar angel ready for download.

  Download here  

Moebius strip


Lill Advent Calendar

  Give love instead of chocolate! Or, give both. There are going to be 24 Lill angels who want to bring a message to your loved ones – or to yourself! The…

Waiting for the kiss

Voice lesson


Closed for the weekend

Today’s drawing class.

IIt was actually very nice, and my wonderful participants were brave and talented. I’ll post the results soon! Hvis du er interesseret at deltage i en kursus, så klik her!

Communications skills, part 2


Sauerkraut Ninja

Workshop: Nytårsmeditation og maleri i Jupiters tegn

Kom til en inspirerende aften i godt selskab, hvor vi sætter fokus på det nye år med planeter, papir, farver og tegnestift. Der er en af de ”12 magiske nætter” op til…



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