Specialist in Customs and Transport

Illustration made Easy – Before and After

How to make people buy from you

Octopus, tomatoes and a volcano

Sketches from Brøderup Efterskole

Schopenhauer sketched

Festival sketches

Wall of faces – light drawing at Næstved Street Festival

Drawing at the leader meeting at Kalundborg kommune

Graphic Recording Sundhedscenter

Do you think it is scary to show up?

Re-invent yourself in the new year.

Illustration made easy!

What I learned in Stasia’s Style School

Glamorous Ice Queen Look

Lill Fashion Style Story

Draw your emotions

Taking the leap

Hybrid Thinking: Sketchnotes from Ray Kurzweil’s Ted Talk

Dronten – logo for Lejre børnekultur

Workshop with Kimberley Hare

Sketchnotes from a workshop with Barb Patterson

The myth of self-confidence

Key elements of my illustration style

Live Sketches from Ekko music festival

Draw-your-brand with Lori Levine

Sanina is illustrating her book

Bo: Everyday stories

Stephanie Chen’s customers transformation

Michala uses drawings for branding her business

Malika developed her own style

Sketches from Ollerup music shool’s festival

Do you want a life purpose? Create one!

Arbejdsweekend på Næstved Fri Skole

Wonder 1


Making of…

Generalforsamling på verdens bedste skole

artAlive – stop motion music video production

Last week’s drawing class

A drawing a day keeps the therapist away.

3P Nordic Network Conference

Creative Collage Class

The three stages of a drawing

A touch of digital magic

Drawing class

Image streaming

Webinar sketchnotes Amir Karkouti

Jammed head versus clear head

Your life purpose in three easy steps?

World canvas

Ordinary evening

Practice non-attachment

Two ways

Summer memories

Drawing classes are FUN!


Su Busson began drawing cartoons for her blog

Don’t overdose

A sad day.

Work-life balance

Manifest your reality

Two wings

Bad art day today

Automatic writing

Listen to your hands, not your thoughts

The truth about limiting beliefs.

Sketchbook morning

Artist statement: Smile

Lill webshop is live!

Ask your hands

My webshop is ready!

Happy new year!

Drawing is magic!

Make a webshop

Danish Christmas

Social media presence

Happy Birthday!

Thank you!

Listen to your Muse

Art & Astrology workshop I

Art & Astrology workshop II

Graphic recording

Don’t make these 4 common mistakes

New TV day 2

New TV

Explore! Viking imagery.

No work

Giv’ en tegnekurs som julegave!

Angel project

Advent calendar angel ready for download.

Moebius strip


Lill Advent Calendar

Waiting for the kiss

Voice lesson


Closed for the weekend

Today’s drawing class.

Communications skills, part 2


  1. gabi on November 20, 2017 at 22:04

    hellole from southern-germany – just looked at your last drawings and laughed out loud! Non digital-dogs in Hyggeland and tasty brain-slices for cold winterdays – your so funny! like to see, what comes next… lovely greetings from the wooden gabi (yes, i tried to write in english; little exercise couldn’t be so bad 🙂 ) to super-sauerkrautninja

  2. LiLL on November 21, 2017 at 09:48

    Oooh thank you! Greetings back!

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