Superpower? Me?

What is your superpower?

„Superpower“ sounds like something big and unusual. But maybe that’s wrong!

The other day I did a Brand Kickstart session with somebody who wants to focus on a topic that is near to her heart and has been for many years.

So, you’d think: What is she waiting for? From the outside, it looked obvious.

The „problem“ is that she doesn’t quite fit into the shiny image that other people in her area are projecting.

Can you be a weightloss coach if you aren’t perfectly thin?
Can you be a money mindset expert if you don’t make millions?
Can you be an illustrator if you can’t even draw cars?

YES you can!

Not everyone wants to be coached by Tony Robbins. He’s kind of scary, I think.

Not every overweight person wants a super-thin weight loss coach, especially if they are just getting started with their journey.

Far from everyone wants a perfectly rendered illustration.

For years I sat and lamented how bad I was at drawing cars, instead of doing what was easiest and most fun for me.

Nobody ever asked me to do a car illustration. Lesson learned:

Your superpower is your way of thinking.
Your particular sense of humour.
Your experience.

Your superpower is - you!

Download the "Find your Superpower" worksheet here!