The hidden language of your doodles


The scribbles you casually create while daydreaming can reveal fascinating insights about your personality. There is no right or wrong in your doodles.

πŸ”³ Structured squares: Squares, grids, and other geometric shapes showcase your organized and reliable nature. Maybe your blueprint for success?

🌊 Harmonic waves: Do you find yourself drawing wavy lines that flow together? Congratulations, you're all about harmony and organic elements – Keep riding that wave!

πŸ”Ί Dynamic triangles: Pointy shapes like triangles indicate you've got power, ambition, and a daring spirit. Pyramids and crowns are your go-to symbols. Just remember, with great power comes great responsibility!

β­• Joyful bubbles: Circles create a cheerful and lighthearted feeling. If bubbles are your go-to-shape, you're the embodiment of inspiration and joy. Keep spreading those good vibes!

Of course you can be a crossover of these types. I'm a structured type with a touch of bubbliness. Or the other way round.

Discovering different types of doodles is one of the exercises from the Visual Thinkers' Business Club.