The Promise Picker

"Your brand is what people say about you when you're not in the room".

I'm sure you have heard that before. It sounds like you don't have much influence on it. But the opposite is true!

You "just" have to make your communication so simple that people can actually remember what you're about.

If you're a graphic designer - how are you different from other graphic designers?

If you're a coach - why should people work with you? Pick one word, if you can.

To help you pick, here is a chart with words to choose from. Are you faster, cheaper, or more fun to work with than your competition? You may use synonyms!

As an example: A fellow list member, copywriter Kevin Freidberg has chosen "fast". His thing is "the seven seconds website" (<-- Note: He found a NAME for his service!)  And he doesn't say "7-second websites that convert, are pretty, and are easy to maintain". He focuses on one aspect - which makes it easier to remember. Genius!

Once you have tentatively decided on a promise, try it out and see if you can actually say it. How does it feel if you write it in your Linkedin Headline? Maybe it helps to decide if you think about what is wrong with the other offers out there - and then pick the opposite.

Or - if you're a rebel - maybe the opposite of the listed attributes inspire you more? I mean... whatever works!

Do you have figured out your promise? If not - did you give the Promise Picker a try?