Your Creative Genius Layer

There's an endless number of layers to 'you', but to simplify things, here are three:

  • The ordinary "everyday you", that takes care of business, reads emails and wipes noses.
  • Your "brand persona" costume you take on when you publish content. Depending on your brand, it is knowledgable, fun or irreverent.
  • But then there is another secret layer you want to tap into.
    Who are you really, deep down? Who would you be if the ordinary world wouldn't get in the way?

I'm talking about your inner creative genius.

Try to give it a name, and tune into its frequency. Are you a "Creative Goddess" or the "Laughing Buddha", or a "The Trickster"?

This identity is only for you. You don't have to tell anybody.

But this is the one to tap into when you're sitting down and creating.

Try sitting down at the same spot at the same time every day. Use a different place than your working desk, and make it a nice, clean, and inspiring environment.

Then move your pencil on paper for 3 minutes, without judgment.

Every day.

If you feel inspired to do more, that's a different session.

This post was the result of a three-minute genius session.

Will you try it out?