Are you struggling to reach your customers?

  • you have a great product or service – but people "don't get it"...
  • your brand needs an update, and you don't know where to start..
  • your business strategy feels out of focus..

Head over to the LiLL Big Picture page, and see how a Storyboarding session can help you solve these problems!


Take a look at my illustrations, explainer videos and  live drawing from conferences and workshops. (Danish)

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Drawing Classes

Learn to draw!

For teachers, coaches, consultants, and everybody. I teach drawing online, and in my studio in Herlufmagle, Denmark

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My art store is beginning to fill up with prints and paintings of mythical places and creatures and Very Weird dolls. Enter if you dare.
Or take a look at the light drawings that I do at events!

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Hi, I am Lill – communication designer and illustrator

... living in Denmark on the countryside. I see trees,  ducks and deer when I look out of my studio.

I love everything that has to do with drawing and design. But I also learned that if you want to sell...  you need to use words! And you have to be clear and concise, which is more difficult than it sounds. For years I have struggled to find my focus and clarify my message.

What  helped me was to draw my business plan instead of just writing it. Laying all the ideas out on paper is a  great to  get overview and helps to find the right words.
This is what I am doing for  clients in my LiLL Big Picture Coaching  – on Zoom, or in my studio.

I also do Lillustrated branding and web design, graphic recording at conferences and seminars, whiteboard videos,  and live light drawings at events 

Or I can teach you to do illustrations the easy way!

And sometimes I just paint, and I make very weird dolls.

I'd love to hear if you find something on my site that inspires you. Just send me an email!


Thank you for being here!



What clients are saying – and drawing!

Sanina is illustrating her book

Tusinde tak for en sjov, intens og udbytterig kursus, der bragte mig mange skridt videre. Jeg fik alle mine illustrationsudfordringer

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Stephanie Chen’s customers transformation

“Before the session with Ingrid, I had a very vague description of who my clients were and

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Draw-your-brand with Lori Levine

Before I had my session with you, I wasn’t 100% clear about my client or how to brand myself. When I would think about this on my own, I felt like I hit a roadblock. You really helped me understand who I am as an artist and what I’m really selling – which is  much…

Read and look...

Su Busson began drawing cartoons for her blog

I have always dreamed of being able to illustrate a little bit – for my blog and for little everyday stories. But I drew worse than a kindergarten

Read and look...

Malika developed her own style

“I took Ingrid’s drawing class because I have always loved to draw but I had very little confidence. Ingrid taught me

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Michala uses drawings for branding her business

I highly recommend Ingrids drawing and design classes. Her courses are loaded with step by step instructions, helpful templates, tips and

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Bo: Everyday stories

Ingrids kursus var fremragende og kan varmt anbefales! Vi fik en god introduktion til at lave simple men

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