Are your brilliant business ideas too darn difficult to explain?

Instant Brand Clarity

See your message unfold before your eyes

See the Big picture

Find your Focus

Communicate clearly

"I got more clarity about my messaging in our first 3-hour consultation
than I have in the past 3 years working with copywriters and consultants."

Christopher Becker, weight loss coach

Are you juggling with (too) many ideas?

You have innovative, visionary ideas, but when you talk about them...

  • your website looks and sounds waaay too generic!
  • it is frustrating that people just don't "get" what you do
  • you feel overwhelmed because what you do  is too difficult to explain – intangible, abstract, or complicated

What you need is an overview of how all the elements fit together – and a map that shows you how to distil the essence of what you do.

Connect dots
Venn brand diagram

I help you connect the dots

and communicate in a clear and compelling way.

  • we take a deep dive into your business ideas
  • get it all out on paper.
  • and see patterns that you might not have seen

 If you see it all laid out on paper, it is easy to see the red thread and compose a compelling story for your customer. With your Business Storyboard, it is as if you can walk around in your customer's life.

You'll know exactly how to talk to them, so they can hear you, understand, and are excited to buy from you.

Work with me

We meet on Zoom. I share my screen.
I sketch the big picture of your ideas, your message and your business while we talk. 


You walk away with clarity, a fresh perspective on your business, and a masterplan for your communication. E.g. on your website:

Your storyboard provides you with the content for your site.

You still have to design it.

(Or have me help with the design)

1. Get a taster: You and your story. 

The "About" page is one of the most important pages on your site - and often it is the most dreaded.

In this session, I help you figure out the story to tell about yourself! Plus, you get a delightful little sketch that you can use on your site.

If you want to experience what Brand Storyboarding feels like – this is for you.

You can buy the session here.


2. Brand Intensive: You and your business

Deep dive into your business. We'll do a three-hour intensive workshop, (or more if needed) where we work your messaging out in detail.

With your Brand Storyboard, you get a master plan for your business communication.

You can book additional sessions if you need more. Or maybe you're ready for ...


3. Branding through illustration

Stand out with a visual identity that is powered by a pack of your very own brand illustration system that you can use on your website, social media, and everywhere.


Custom sessions 

I also offer custom visual coaching sessions to figure out which way to go with your business and your life.

Or help you think through difficult problems with my pencil.

My Services


Find and Express your Message


One-day workshop, (spread out over several days) tailor-made for you or your company.

  • Find your focus and your message
  • Communicate it on your website or social media profile
  • Get your team on one page about your vision and values

If you have questions, send me an email!

If you buy a taster session, the cost will be applied towards a Brand Storyboard

Learn Business Storyboarding and other visual thinking tools.

I share my templates, tips and tricks, and show you how to draw your customers' transformation.

This is a great tool for your toolbox when you are working with clients.

Self-paced course + live workshops


What customers are saying

"I felt like I was seeing the tapestry of who I am as a professional unfolding before my eyes. I saw ideas, niches, strapline possibilities, new audiences… It was 100% enjoyable and I could see new doors opening as you drew."

Caroline Harvey, Public speaking coach & copywriter


People think „I need to get good at is selling and pitching“. But no. The first thing we need to go deeper on is clarity. What the hell is this. Who is it for? How do you do it? Why do you do it? This work that Ingrid is doing is where it all starts. And it is really clear.

Tad Hargrave, Marketing for Hippies


This is so cool! I couldn't be happier with my Storyboard. It makes it all more tangible

Jonathan Stark, business consultant




This is not just drawing!

With her enormous experience and insight, Ingrid could see which things I definitely needed to change. It is consulting for your business, helping you how the whole thing can be put together.

Libbla Kelly, positivity coach


I am so thrilled with this! It is getting to the essence of the business that can be conveyed quickly and easily to every client and prospect.

Your work captures the essence of my business.

Karen Dietz, business storytelling specialist



You absolutely need to do this work. If you don't know the answers to these questions, you will never be able to position and market yourself.

Pia Silva, Worstofall Design

I struggled for a long time trying to understand how all of the pieces of my business fit together  Following only three hours with Lill, I had a visual map of my customer journey in hand that I can share.

Sherry Richert Belul,


Ingrid has terrific insight .. it was fun seeing what I do come to life on the screen!

Part of her "magic" is asking insightful questions and translating that to a powerful visual. Highly recommended for those needing a new level of clarity in their brand.

Rochelle Moulton, authority brand consultant


Ingrid helped me to stand out by drawing the heart of my business. And it inspired me to start drawing my own illustrations, too!

Suzanne Harrison, web designer




Our CEO Thomas Lahnthaler had an exciting session with Ingrid Lill, who is an expert on helping companies to communicate their messages and brands through incredible artistic talent

Thomas Lahntahler, The Crisis Compass