Tell your story. With pictures.

Drawing is a simple yet magical communication-,  problem-solving, and idea-sharing tool. Drawing is also easy and fun, if you do it your way. Stop trying to make something perfect. You are creative and unique, and so are your marks on the paper.

I can teach you to draw your own illustrations, if you want to.  And you know what? This will give your self confidence a huge boost! If you haven't drawn before, you will probably not draw like Leonardo after one workshop – but you will be able to tell little stories, your way!

Make yourself comfortable and take a look around. I hope you will find some inspiration. There is a free mini-course to get you started, drawing classes in my studio, online drawing sessiongs, the latest pictured stories to look at, and  much more.

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You can also send me an email at ingrid@fraulill.dk. 

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Come and join me for the almost-weekly drawing sessions to get a dose of creative magic and pencil training. Mostly on tuesdays, mostly at 8pm Danish time. Sign up here to get notifications about upcoming sessions.

Min danske hjemmeside ligger delvis på fraulill.dk indtil jeg er færdig med ombygningen.

Drawing classes

Online and in my studio

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Group workshops

En unik kombination af at lære noget nyt, som man ikke troede at man kunne, og så en rigtig god gang hygge og teambuilding!

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Graphic facilitation

At seminars and conferences. Also graphic recording from video conferences and interviews.

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Artistic Endeavours

Stop motion music video. Projection of live drawing. And who knows what more...

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Illustration & design

I do illustrations and design for print and online publications., logos, corporate design and drawings for projection on stage.

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Big Vision workshop

11.Oktober i mit atelier i Herlufmagle

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