Find Focus and Clarity

If you can't paint a picture of your message, it isn't clear enough.
I help you paint this picture.


Positioning and brand strategy sessions


"I got more clarity about my messaging in our first 3-hour consultation
than I have in the past 3 years working with copywriters and consultants."

Christopher Becker, weight loss coach

See the Big Picture
of your business

Find your Focus

Attract your Ideal Clients

We meet on Zoom. I share my screen. I draw your business while we talk.

Do you clearly express what is unique about you?

or do you have a great service, project, or idea – but somehow people don't always "get it"?

Maybe because what you do is intangible, new, or complicated.

Or you do too many different things, so people don't know what you stand for.

I have been there – totally confused about my own business. It is difficult to connect the dots when you're too close! 

confused message
Growing up

I help you to see your brilliance!

It is difficult to read your own label. During the brand storyboarding process, you'll see yourself with fresh eyes.

I have heard from clients: "You are so perceptive. You see facets of me that I don't see myself." Or "You know me better than I know myself".

I help you to find the thing you stand for. To infuse who you are into your offers. This is what comes before picking colors and fonts. It is the foundation - the very essence of your brand. 

With your Brand Storyboard, it is as if you can walk around in your favourite clients' life. You know exactly how to talk to them, so they listen, understand and! 




How it works – Storyboarding in action

Watch me drawing Jonathan Stark's Brand Storyboard. You can see his Storyboard and a longer video here.

"I felt like I was seeing the tapestry of who I am as a professional unfolding before my eyes. I saw ideas, niches, strapline possibilities, new audiences… It was 100% enjoyable and I could see new doors opening as you drew."

Caroline Harvey, Public speaking coach & copywriter

Work with me

Brand Storyboarding is more than pretty illustrations.

I help you to sort your ideas, connect the dots and synthesize them into a whole. First and foremost for yourself.

Then to share it with others.

Once you have been through the process, you have a tool that you can use for other projects in the future, over and over again.

What you get out of working with me:

  • a blueprint for your brand story, message & positioning that gives you clarity and confidence about your communication
  • Your ready-to go Linkedin Profile page with your headline, summary, and arresting visuals
  • Ideas for program names, headlines etc.

And not to forget: Fresh eyes and fresh energy to kickstart your brand!


Brand Storyboarding Sessions

Tailor-made for you to find and express your brand message. Several Zoom calls, Storyboarding workshop, one month support.
Start price 800$

 Small group Course 

your Business

Learn to use the powerful tool of Brand Storyboarding to find and communicate your signature service – in a way that aligns with you and your clients.


What customers are saying

Lill’s Storyboard Branding process is clarifying, illuminating, energizing and just plain FUN!

I struggled for a long time trying to understand how all of the pieces of my business fit together and how to make sense of it to my customers. Following only three hours with Lill, I had a visual map of my customer journey in hand.

It’s something I can SHOW that quickly and easily conveys my mission and the heart of what I offer.

One of the things I loved best about working with Lill is that she was able to immediately synthesize all the information I was throwing at her and seemingly magically transform it into a simple, whimsical illustration. (I think she’s a little bit wizard!)

If you’re at all confused about how to tell your company story in a way that will truly connect with your customers, you will be greatly pleased with Lill’s Storyboard Process.

Sherry Richert Belul, Author and coach

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Safe Harbour is a Canadian non-profit serving people who are homeless, addicted and mentally ill. The story we were telling seemed complex and confusing. On a group call, Ingrid listened intently to us, extracted key elements, and worked her magic into a fantastic, easy to understand storyboard the whole team can identify with. 

I highly recommend her to anyone looking to make a strong impact with their message!

Kath Hoffman, Captain at Safe Harbour

You can read the whole case study here, where I'm breaking down the various stages of the project

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Ingrid has terrific insight and her ability to draw ideas so fast just blew me away... it was fun seeing what I do come to life on the screen!

Part of her "magic" is asking insightful questions and translating that to a powerful visual. Highly recommend for those needing a new level of clarity in their brand.


Rochelle Moulton, authority brand consultant


See a video recording of the session with Rochelle here!

Ingrid is a partner, facilitator and change agent who elicited and captured my message (even when it's a combination of messages.) She possesses the skills, insight, and experience to translate and transform what I was saying (thinking and mulling over) into illustrations quickly and fluidly in a way that captures all that and more.
She is a joy to work with, and her results are affirming, inspirational, and directional towards more positive results for her clients. I am fortunate to be one of them!
Greg Tutunjian, Pattern Transformation Strategist

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We hired Ingrid because we were looking for a different approach to connect with our audience and tell our story. Our brand storyboard will be the foundation for our website and a presentation tool when we meet with clients. It really connects emotionally with the clients, and they can see how our service can help them to solve their problems and reach their goals.

We enjoyed working with Ingrid very much. Although we fell in love with her illustrations first, she is not an illustrator, but a coach/consultant with a pen. Her insightful questions really made us think hard and resulted in great clarity.

Kerstin & Dirk Heuer, Non-Profit today

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"After sending your illustration in my newsletter yesterday, I have had 3 customers reach out to me so far. One of them said he felt I knew him and his issues so well he had decided to work with me already before we talked!

Super excited with the value of the work we did together.  The illustration is powerful and the underlying messages are gold!!!"
Mick and Andre decided to go with a fully illustrated website based on their Storyboard
Mick Holly, consultant and speaker, Business by-the-numbers
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Working with Ingrid was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for my business. I got more clarity about my messaging in our 3-hour consultation than I have in the past 3 years working with copywriters and consultants.
The artwork she delivered clearly depicts what my clients can expect when working with me and I am forever grateful for her talents!
Chris Becker, Fat Loss Coach,
Read more here

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My website is in desperate need of an update . I didn’t know where to start – it felt overwhelming.
I wanted to use Lill’s drawings to lighten up the dry topic I am dealing with – custom regulations. The result of the 2 hour Big Picture Process was not only these fun drawings – but most importantly a blueprint to structure my website.

Rikke Kofod, customs specialist and freight forwarder



This is not just drawing!

With her enormous experience and insight, Ingrid could see which things I definitely needed to change. It is consulting for your business, helping you how the whole thing can be put together.

Libbla Kelly, positivity coach