... are Ingrid Lill's live sketches, projected onto house facades or dark corners in a theatre foyer. At music festivals, theatre performances or conferences.Drawings are fun and decorative. Or they are graphic recordings that transmit content from the stage to a wall outside. Reacting to what is happening in the room.

For the people in the audience it is always fun to be drawn – and the result is often  an occasion for taking a selfie with friends in front of one's giant portrait, before it get's swept to the side, making room for the next one.

LiLLuminations  add an artful and creative vibe to events, or they convey information at conferences.

All I need is electricity, and not too much ambient light.

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A sponaneous drawing session with my son and his friends.

Performance with Dorthe Eggertsen and Rasmus Kajhøj from Arthotel theatre.