LiLLuminations are Ingrid Lill's colorful live sketches projected onto house facades or museum walls. At festivals, museums, or conferences.   
Live sketching is fun and fascinating. People love to see drawings and their stories show up on the wall.
Often they take selfies in front of their giant portrait – it is "Instagram-worthy"! In any way, these will be moments they remember. 

LiLLuminations add an artful and creative vibe to events, or they convey information at conferences. I can add event titles and messages, or include elements that fit the event topic

Practialities:  we need electricity, a wall, and as little ambient light as possible.

Send me a mail if you have questions or are interested in booking me for an event!

LiLLuminations i Køge museum til Kyndelmisse 2023

LiLLuminations at Holmegaard Værk Glasmuseum

LiLLuminations til Kultur-julekalender 2020 i Næstved

LiLLumination at the world class Ekko Music festival in Tybjerglille Bakker, and Næstved Gadefest


Performance with Dorthe Eggertsen and Rasmus Kajhøj from Arthotel theatre.



Experiments for a musikvideo. Light design: Pernille Plantener-Holst

Experimental performance with Lotte Elvang, Dorthe Eggertsen and Rasmus Kajhøj




Stop-motion music video with Dorthe Eggertsen and Rasmus Kajhøj

A sponaneous drawing session with my son and his friends.