Ingrid Lill – Business Coach with a Pencil  

I am a visual thinker and I love colours, images and design. I studied visual communication, and I designed countless logos, corporate identities, websites and brochures as a graphic designer and art director.

Sketching my ideas had always been natural for me.

But as designing became easier with all the pretty templates, I also became increasingly dissatisfied with putting together nice looking websites for my clients. I wanted to help them with their communication on a deeper level.

I knew instinctively that there needed to be an underlying simple story structure. I searched for methods and took a multitude of marketing courses.

But it didn't click for me. It was all too vague and too complicated.

Until I heard one of the marketing gurus say: "If you can't paint a picture of your message, it isn't clear enough."

I knew in my bones: This was it. I could help my clients draw this picture!

This became a game-changer for me.

Business Storyboarding

This strategic sketch was the missing piece to get from vague ideas to compelling content for a website, for presentations and videos.

Once the strategy is clear, it becomes easy to fill it with the right kind of colours, images and stories.

Marketing can be fun!

Since then I'm on a mission to help big thinkers communicate their brilliant ideas, find their voice and become visible.

When I don't draw for business, I draw for fun (check out my LiLLuminations!) or I'm out by the lakeside in our back garden and watch what happens. (see below).

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