Hi, I'm Ingrid Lill, brand strategist and visual thinker.

I help coaches and consultants to turn generic, technical, or otherwise confusing lingo into a clear message that their ideal clients can hear and understand.

Here is some background that explains why I'm drawing pictures to find the right words.
In my Brand Storyboards a few of my areas of expertise are coming together, doing their synergy magic:

Communication design
In the past decades as a graphic designer and art director, I have designed countless logos corporate identities, websites, brochures, and annual reports.
It has become easy to design good looking websites and graphics - with the result that we are drowning in a noisy ocean of semi-professional design templates and lofty promises.
Pretty Webdesign alone doesn't make a good website.

Live drawing

A few years ago I went back to my original love - drawing. I began graphic facilitation, drawing at seminars and conferences, exploring various aspects of visual thinking.

Brand Storyboarding

Then I discovered how applying the tool of visual thinking can help tremendously with getting clear on the content of a website (or anything, really).

This way, drawing revolutionized my business. Now I'm running a unique branding business, driven by the power of my pencil.

Embracing drawing had been so life-changing that I also give drawing classes, online and in my studio in Denmark

When I don't draw for business, I draw for fun (check out my LiLLuminations!)I also paint, collaborate with performers and theatres, and make very weird dolls.

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