Pruning and stitching

I got an email from my hosting service Simplero that my little email list is growing - from zero to almost a thousand subscribers!!!


But, I have to pay more for their services when I reach the magic number.

Oh no.

There are quite a few contacts on my list that don't open my emails.

Luckily, Simplero has a few handy filters to single out the non-openers, so I can delete them.

So today I started pruning my list.


But then I came across some "tags" and "segments" that mistakenly never got mails from me. No wonder they are marked as unengaged.

So the "pruning" action quickly became a lengthy inspecting-and-wondering-and-stitching-back-together action, that begged for being illustrated.

GaryVee says: Don't create, document.

I say: You can do both.


I also documented the process of how I made these illustrations, from looking for inspiration on Google to translating these images into my style - as material for my new drawing-on-the-ipad course that starts in September.



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