Hiding behind your work?


For a designer, it can be difficult to create your own brand - although creating brands is your profession!

When you work for clients, you need to step into your client’s shoes and find a look and tone of voice that fits them.

Creating your own brand requires that you step into your own shoes.

Which is surprisingly tricky!

I used to keep everything - on my own website pretty minimal. I thought that my work would speak for itself.

In a way, I was hiding behind my work.

The problem with that? I didn’t develop my voice.

I didn’t know what to post on social media, apart from the occasional testimonial or “look what I have designed”- post.

This doesn’t have to be a bad thing if you’re happy with the jobs that are flowing in by themselves.

But if you want to steer your ship to a more interesting, or more profitable place - you should start to develop your own voice!

I think it is not only designers that can hide behind their work! Or what?