Idea and strategy goldmines

You don’t need any drawing skills to draw a Very Useful Venn Diagram. Start by drawing some circles or ovals on a piece of paper.

Then fill them with the key ingredients of something important.
Or, something fun.
Or, both!

You can see here some of the many Venn Diagrams that I have drawn as frameworks for my business

Making simple diagrams like this strengthens your visual thinking skills. The process of deciding what ingredients go in each circle and where they overlap helps tease out ideas and insights.

You don't need artistic talent. The value is in visually mapping concepts, not creating elaborate drawings.

It could be:

💡 What are the ingredients of your ideal day?
💡 What are the components of your signature service?
💡 How do you define success for your clients?


See what messages emerge in the intersections.

The beauty of these visual models is that by simply seeing the empty bubbles, your brain wants to fill in the gaps and comes up with ideas.

Unleash your inner visual thinker!