New year, new decade, new adventures!

Let’s turn time back a few days to when I started writing this article.

It is the 31. 12.2019. I am moving tables around instead of writing. My teenage son is going to have his new year’s party in my studio, and I have to make space for dancing. It looks like my new year’s post is going to be late.
I am already receiving emails from the Very Professional Newsletter writers. The ones who know how to organize their time. They recommend things like:
  • Setting “big hairy audacious goals”.
  • Planning for three years. Or for three months.
  • Deciding on a “word for the year.”
It seems like everybody else knows what to do, while I’m moving tables around.
In Gretchen Rubin’s Book “Four Tendencies,” I fall into the “rebel category.” She says that accountability, monitoring and rewards don’t work for rebels.

Well then, I am asking myself: How is it that I get things done?

  • Being inspired. Sometimes it is a little thing like the new fun brush I used in the illustration above. Sometimes it is a big thing like starting a whole new business adventure. I did that with the “LiLL Big Picture” last year.
  • To help others. I enjoy showing up for my drawing classes and webinars, and sharing what I know.
  • Thinking about what’s at stake: Do I want to work a regular job again? Or get going and write a blog post?
  • Getting help from others and connecting with people. Everything is SO much easier with support from somebody who knows the ropes. Instead of figuring out everything yourself.
  • Finding – and formulating – my message. This makes everything easier! You’ll hear more about that in the future.

What about you? Do plans and resolutions work for you?

My son’s party was a big success. Now the tables are in their place again. I’m a bit puzzled about the dry baby crocodile head that I found on the studio floor. But otherwise, things are back to normal.
I wish you a wonderful new year and adventure-filled decade!