A fertile ground for Aha-Moments

Recipe for growing new ideas – two minds, one paper, and a pencil!

The other day I had a Brand Storyboarding Session with Paul, who is a brilliant and successful business consultant.

He had gotten disenchanted with the corporate world and is toying with the idea of becoming a motivational speaker.

He already knew how to help people through entertaining stories. The thing he struggled with was describing it for marketing purposes.

He contacted me because he thought a few illustrations might help to communicate what he was doing. We did a Brand Storyboarding session on Zoom.

Then something unexpected happened.

While Paul explained to me who would be in the audience, why they would buy a ticket, and what they would take away from his talk - he got a couple of ideas and aha-moments that made the puzzle pieces of his project to come together.

That is what is happening when you see your thoughts emerge visually, in real-time - they flourish!

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