A beautiful patchwork

These days I'm engrossed in the various AI tools popping up.

It started with the image generator Midjourney.
Then I discovered how to use ChatGPT (just talk to it!)

The possibilities are mindblowing.

For people who have too many ideas to start with, mindblowing possibilities is maybe not what you need.

In my experiments with Midjourney I got the best results in a state of dreamlike drifting. If I insist on a certain outcome, it becomes " bored".

But now - how do I use the beautiful dream imagery for my business?

I asked my "writer friend" ChatGPT, and it came up with a social media text to go with the images. Here is what it suggests  - almost unedited:


"Turn your patchwork of ideas into a beautiful masterpiece!

Are you overwhelmed by the many ideas popping up in your business, like beads on a string? It can be hard to identify the one big idea with legs and, most importantly - wings.

But remember, just like a patchwork quilt can be beautiful, so can a business with many ideas. You "just" have to put them together the right way.

I help entrepreneurs and business owners to connect the dots and see their business as a whole, creating something that is not just clear and compelling but beautiful, meaningful, and holistic.

Let me help you to turn your patchwork of ideas into a beautiful masterpiece. #businesscoaching #artinspired #beautifulbusiness"


Mind blown.

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