About meee!

I am in the process of reworking my "about" page and have made an illustration.

I use this method in my brand storyboarding sessions.

On the left side, I list my client's "authority" attributes. The hard skills like degrees, diplomas, licenses. Years of experience.

On the right side, there is the "empathy" list. What are the struggles that you have overcome?

Anything that might help your clients to connect with you, and helps them connect with you.

In the circle, I write some kind of "job title". This can be difficult - but sometimes it emerges from the storyboard as if by magic.

I have experimented with different titles from "communication designer" to "brand strategist". For now, I have landed on "business coach with a pencil".


Lill selbst-01


Also if you're not drawing it is a good idea to mention both the authority and the empathy attributes on your "about" page.

But drawing it is more fun. Just saying.