Am I neurodivergent? Are you?

Am I neurodivergent? Are you?

I had a coffee conversation with a fellow entrepreneur, who is "neurodivergent. He talks about it openly on his website.

He is also multi-talented, interested in many things, and craves things being visual.

We had so many things in common that I started thinking I'm at least a little bit neurodivergent, too.

And now I'm wondering:

Is Visual Thinking a "symptom"????

Assuming that you're a Visual thinker:

- Do you find it difficult and exhausting to do focused work by yourself?
- Does live interaction - workshops, live courses, and 1:1 sessions leave you energized?
- Do you prefer visual (round) planners and mind maps over square calendars and spreadsheets?

I call it my "spreadsheet allergy", and I have managed to build my business around it.

But I'm curious:

Are visual thinkers somehow "neurodivergent", in general?

If so, something is seriously wrong with the world!!!

I'd love to hear your wisdom and insights about neurodivergence and visual thinking!