Big Idea SketchCast with “Pie Grower” Lee Towe

I had a fascinating conversation with Lee Towe, founder of Pie Growers, who is challenging our idea of what it means to "win"

Lee's concept of "Pie Growing" encourages people to focus on expanding possibilities and improving the quality of life for all, rather than just competing for their own slice of the pie.

Our ingrained win-lose mentality can be limiting and counterproductive. Prioritizing collaboration and personal development is the key to a brighter future.

Unfortunately, most people remain focused on their own slice of the pie, rather than embracing a growth mindset that prioritizes collaboration and abundance.

But Lee is determined to shift this paradigm and help people tap into their own creative capabilities to create a more inclusive and supportive society.

Let's join Lee on his mission to foster a more collaborative, positive, and abundant world for all by embracing the concept of "Pie Growing".


Below is the full length recording of our conversation.