See your brand unfold before your eyes

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What if you had a magic wand that attracted your favorite customers?
A magic wand that helped you know exactly what they were struggling with and where they wanted to be in life?
A magic wand that convinced them that you knew the way to get them there?

Good news... my pencil is your magic wand!

See the big picture
of your business

Find the essence
of your brand

Communicate clearly
and attract customers. 

Is your message clear enough?

  • Do you have a great product, project or idea – but somehow people "don't get it"?
  • Is your service difficult to explain because it is complicated? Or because the topic is sensitive?
    Or sounds too boring?
  • Are you unsure how to organize your website
  • Does your brand clearly reflect your personality and uniqueness?
  • Do you have a lot of ideas but lack overview and focus?

See the big picture of your business!

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"I felt like I was seeing the tapestry of who I am as a professional unfolding before my eyes. I saw ideas, niches, strapline possibilities, new audiences… It was 100% enjoyable and I could see new doors opening as she drew."

Caroline Harvey, Public speaking coach & copywriter

Your Brand Storyboard communicates what you do – in a glance.

  • I guide you through a proven process, and while we talk I literally draw the nuggets from your head.
  • You'll SEE what your business is about, what value you are giving to your customers, and what you have to focus on.
  • The visual will make it very easy to talk about your business
  • All your messaging -- elevator pitch, website structure and so much more follow naturally from your brand storyboard
  • You'll be all fired up and, filled with ideas and ready for success.

How it works

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Book a friendly chat

15 minutes


Let's chat and find out if the Big Picture Process is for you.  I can show you how I draw your ideas and you see my drawings of your brand emerge

If you want to go forward with it, we arrange a time for the first session.

Book your free chat here.

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Storyboarding Sessions

3 sessions


Session 1: Brand Brainstorming
All about You. (1 hour)

Session 2: Brand Storyboarding
About your clients  (2-3 hours)

Session 3: Brand implementation
How to proceed from here (1 hour)

1500 USD

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Additional Services


After our session, you'll see yourself and your clients with new eyes and you can take your storyboard and transform your business!

If you love your illustrations and would like to use them you can hire me for finalizing and colorizing them and/or do additional sketches/design work. The price for a finalized illustration is 120 USD, with a discount for bundles.


What clients are saying about their Brand Storyboarding experience

"It is not just drawing, it is actually consulting for your business. Ingrid is helping you visually – as she talks - how the whole thing can be put together.  Within three sessions we have drawn the story of my brand!
It is just excellent. I recommend everybody does it!"

Libbla Kelly, positivity coach

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Working with Ingrid was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for my business. I got more clarity about my messaging in our 3-hour consultation than I have in the past 3 years working with copywriters and consultants.
The artwork she delivered clearly depicts what my clients can expect when working with me and I am forever grateful for her talents!
Chris Becker, Fat Loss Coach,

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"After sending your illustration in my newsletter yesterday, I have had 3 customers reach out to me so far. One of them said he felt I knew him and his issues so well he had decided to work with me  already before we talked!

Super excited with the value of the work we did together.  The illustration is powerful and the underlying messages are gold!!!"
Mick and Andre decided to go with a fully illustrated website based on their Storyboard
Mick Holly, consultant and speaker
Business by-the-numbers

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We hired Ingrid because we were looking for a different approach to connect with our audience and tell our story.

Our brand storyboard will be the foundation for our website and a presentation tool when we meet with clients. It really connects emotionally with the clients, and they can see how our service can help them to solve their problems and reach their goals.

We enjoyed working with Ingrid very much. Although we fell in love with her illustrations first, she is not an illustrator, but a coach/consultant with a pen. Her insightful questions really made us think hard and resulted in great clarity.

Kerstin & Dirk Heuer, Non-Profit today

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I thought I knew how I worked with clients, but through Ingrid’s program, I actually learned a few things about myself I hadn’t even thought of previously! She delivered informative and helpful drawings for my site and presentations, and continues to follow up and make sure that I have everything I need. I highly recommend bringing Ingrid on to help with your business!

Rachael Wonderlin, Dementia by Day


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"Hvis man lærer bedst visuelt, så er det her virkelig en fed måde at blive coachet på. Og det beste af det hele: Tegningen hænger nu her i mit hjem - tydelig og fysisk!"

Marie Berre, business coach

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We were having trouble with our messaging. Ingrid's insightful questions, drawings, and creative input infused our process with new ideas and helped us build our FB support group. We now have a clear understanding of our brand, and it helps us tremendously in our copywriting.

Joy Elohim Voruz & Judy Voruz,

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Before I hired Ingrid my ideas were all over the place. In her unique Storyboarding process, Ingrid puts you at ease by creating space between her questions that elicit a response from you. When I would reply with an answer, Ingrid would start drawing.

It helped me to really see the vision of my business, where I want to go. I see now that there is a distinction between what is important for me as a business owner and what I have to communicate to my customers.

Swati Doshi, Human Results

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My website is in desperate need of an update . I didn’t know where to start – it felt overwhelming.
I wanted to use Lill’s drawings to lighten up the dry topic I am dealing with – custom regulations. The result of the 2 hour Big Picture Process was not only these fun drawings – but most importantly a blueprint to structure my website.

Rikke Kofod, customs specialist and freight forwarder