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Tuesday May 3rd, 8 PM Copenhagen time

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Business in times of war

I haven’t sent emails or posted on social media this week. I just didn’t know what to say. Felt kind of paralyzed by the war in Ukraine.

I know it doesn’t make sense, but I’m checking the news every half hour, trying to understand a bit what is happening. My heart goes out to the poor Ukrainians. 

Still, life goes on in my little corner of the Internet.

In the upcoming 5 weeks, I'll offer a course in the Lill Business Drawing Club about “Finding Your Style”. I’m kicking it off next Tuesday with a free public workshop - I’d love you to participate, no matter if you’re drawing or not. It might help you with other expressions also. After all, “style” is, kind of, another word for “brand”.

Hint: don’t worry so much about style, focus on your story first!

Hint: don’t worry so much about style, focus on your story first!

You can register for the free workshop here

If you are in an area that is affected by war, conflict or another hardship, I wish you strength and, luck!

The rest of us, let’s be grateful that we are living in safety.


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