Catching a productivity wave


We all want it badly: To increase our productivity.

"Atomic habits" is a great productivity book and mega-bestseller; I'm sure you have read it (or at least have it on your shelf). The gist: Develop a productivity habit, in small steps.

This is what successful entrepreneurs are doing, isn't it? Linkedin superstar Justin Welsh is batch-writing posts and posting them like clockwork, daily.


When I am scheduling time to batch-write my content, it turns out bland.

What if the productivity advice is wrong? (At least for me)

What if there are other forces at play - invisible energy waves to ride that will carry you to go where you want if you tune in?

This sounds way more woo than what I want to admit to believing in, and I don't have other proof than that it feels true. My productivity comes in waves.

When I'm writing and drawing from a place of inspiration, they seem to resonate more with my audience.

I wonder: Would that mean I can relax in between waves?

What works best for you? Do you work like clockwork, or do you follow the surfer's approach?  Or a mixture of both?

Happy surfing!



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