Webinar sketchnotes Amir Karkouti

   The other day on the train I watched a lovely webinar that Amir Karkouti held about how to run a Facebook group, and made some messy sketches. Thank you DSB Danish Railway for free internet on the train!

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Jammed head versus clear head

This drawing is inspired by a little text by success and resilience coach Sara Priestley: “Jammed” head is likely to be looking “outside” for reasons and fixes. “Clear” head is likely to feel happier and have more confidence. Big generalisations. The key thing is, both are normal. We move between them as naturally as breathing…

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Listen to your hands, not your thoughts

If I would always listen to my thoughts, I would never get anything done. All I get from thought is: 1) Fantasies how great everything is going to be, and then 2) a devastating critique how what I am doing is not meeting the standard from point 1) The funny thing is that my hands…

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