Channeling the muse

I experience various modes of creativity.

The first is "free-flowing". When painting, I connect with "the Muse" and watch what emerges on my canvas. It feels wonderful and energizing, like filling up my creative well.

The next is live sketching in dialogue. There I am connecting with my dialogue partner's ideas. There is also a flow going on, but more focused. It requires focus, but it feels energizing.

The third way is illustrating a text. You would think that it is easier to do than sketching in real-time. But it isn't. There is no broadband connection to the muse - if there is such a thing.

Maybe it is just the combination of dopamine and adrenaline that helps me do idea storyboards. But I like to think of it as "channeling the muse".

Isn't it interesting how a non-business-related "brain muscle" helps me in my business? Do you experience something like that?