A Children’s Coach and the philosophical problem


What is wrong with the world? Find your WHY

Here is a walkthough of the Business storyboard I did with Soumya Karkera, a coach for children and parents. She wanted an overview of her business and help with her messaging.

One of the most exciting places in the storyboard is to identify what Donald Miller calls "the philosophical problem." It refers to the central problem or challenge your business is trying to solve for your customers.

It is the "why" behind your business, the reason you exist, and the primary need that your customers have that you are uniquely positioned to address.

If you nail it, you have your north star and can "market your message" instead of marketing yourself. Tad Hargrave calls that "Point-of-View marketing"
It is the Big Idea that all your messaging should revolve around.

In Soumya's storyboard, we identified the "enemy" as the "Quick-fix-mindset" caused by the dominance of work before relationships. This is aggravated by the "pull of the omnipresent screens". Kids can escape into social media. The parents feel the need to check their emails.

We all suffer from this.

And Soumya's mission is to develop more harmonious family relationships despite this hideous problem.

Ironically, some parents hire her in search of a quick fix.
This is something to take into consideration in your messaging!

Identifying your WHY helps you clarify the messaging for your business and communicate more effectively with your audience.


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