Creative compass

Do you have a framework for your business? Here is an idea to get you started.

Ask yourself:

What two worlds are you bridging with your business? 
  1. Identify your main area of business/work - world 2
  2. Identify a completely separate and distinct domain that brings a unique perspective - world 2

The power comes from deliberately choosing these two "worlds" to be highly divergent from each other.

These represent very different mindsets, skills, and approaches.

Marketing/business is often seen as analytical, while drawing/art is considered creative.

This exercise in itself can clarify your unique point of view and your niche!

But you can do more with it.

What about a matrix for your clients to assess if you they want to work with you because you understand them so well?

Here is my "Creative compass" for coaches, consultants and creatives.


In my Big Picture program, or the Visual Minds Membership, we bring it all together: Clarity and Creative fun!

Can you identify your creative tendency?

And... for more clarity and creative fun - come and join us at Visual Minds, or shoot me a message if you want to know more about how to work with me 1:1