Cross-Pollinating Content Plan & Workshop

Are you also a content creator with too many ideas and a gazillion links, drafts and snippets floating around?

Maybe it is time to start a system for organizing your ideas!

Above you see a first sketch of a grid that will help me to:

1. come up with topics that are in line with my focus points

2. store and link all the loose files on my computer.

How it works

On the left, write down 3-5 topics, all connected to your signature service.

On the top, write down categories, like "tips & tricks" to "customer stories"

And now you can plot all your ideas into this matrix!

I tested it in a workshop – to find out if it would work for others, too.

example: Coaching high Achieving Women

Ann is a coach for high achieving women. She is talking about:

  • Confidence skills
  • Wellbeing
  • Leadership
  • Sport

and about connected subtopics that I captured in a mind map.

It is not an in-depth collection, it was only to get her started, and to demonstrate how it works.

After collecting some topics, we plotted them into a matrix. In order to be seen on social media, you have to come up with a lot of posts.

In your field, you are the guide for your people. You want to show them

that you understand them (empathy)
that you know how to solve their problems (authority)
give them a possibility to get their problems solved (offers).
We invented a few sub-categories that would inspire Ann for writing and sharing content, from "tips" to "photos from nature".


This is only the beginning. I'm sure Ann will change the topics and the categories as her business evolves.

And now I'm off to work on my own content planning matrix!