Case Study: Dementia and Watercolor

How illustration can help to get your brand message across.

You can’t use photos if you are working with something sensitive, like dementia care.

Which is why Rachael Wonderlin from Dementia by Day is using illustrations.


In a couple of Zoom sessions Rachael explained to me what she is doing for her customers in her business. I sketched while she was describing her unique approach. Here you can read more about how I developed her illustrations from her Brand Storyboarding Sketch



This process helps to become clear what it is exactly that you are doing for your clients. It helps to structure your website.

And you get lots of relevant ideas for images, be it photography, or illustration.

Rachael decided to combine the existing photos on her site with my drawings. I proposed to use watercolor stains to give color and visual identity.

Here are two color varieties. Rachael chose the pastel orange.


Here is the drawing of the residency leader under pressure – the “before” drawing.


An outline of her 2-step-program:


And here is an illustration of what happens if they join Rachael’s  Dementia Revolution.


It was wonderful to dive into Rachael’s world. I am impressed how she is bringing her gift of creativity to this field! And I wholeheartedly agree with her statement:


And here is what Rachael says about the project:

I thought I knew how I worked with clients, but through Ingrid’s program, I actually learned a few things about myself I hadn’t even thought of previously! She delivered informative and helpful drawings for my site and presentations, and continues to follow up and make sure that I have everything I need. I highly recommend bringing Ingrid on to help with your business!

Rachael Wonderlin,


Here you can read more about Brand Storyboarding