Do they love you?


I am developing this model for my potential customers, so they can self-identify where they are in their branding process.

But I'm developing it also for myself.

I want to be clear about what I am doing. And the best way to get clarity is - to draw a model or a map.

You can give yourself points on each of the axes, and see in which areas you need improvement.

If you score lower than, say, 5 on any of them, I'd say book a brand storyboarding session with me! This is exactly the stuff that I help people with.

Do you have your own model or map? You should!

A plan is part of the "product" side of the equation. You need to be able to communicate what you do. And developing a proprietary process is a nice way of putting your brand on the map, so to say.

If you want my help with your map, we can do a one-to-one storyboarding session, or you can join my Visual Thinker's Course with live drawing modules and group coaching sessions. (Link in comments)

Can you place yourself on the brand alignment map?