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Tuesday May 3rd, 8 PM Copenhagen time

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Don’t market yourself, market your message


Don't market yourself, market your message!

Back then when I was a graphic designer, I was relying solely on word-of-mouth for getting jobs.

I wouldn't have known how to market myself if I wanted. Somehow, enough work found me.

Some of it was interesting.

Some, not so much.

Then I discovered the world of graphic facilitation.

Learning to do fast and simple drawings was a complete game-changer for my business.

I haven't had a boring job since.

And now, marketing has become easy. Actually, it doesn't feel like marketing at all.

I WANT to spread the good news for all the hidden visual thinkers out there.

(If you are one of us, you could check out my class!)

But even if drawing is not your thing: What is the message that you want to shout from the rooftops?



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