Draw your Framework

Do you have a process that you use with your clients?

I bet you do, even if you haven't thought about it much.

I'd say it is worth giving some thought!

As always, I think that drawing helps to think things through.

A doodle would be enough.

If you do identify your process framework, maybe you can come up with a name for it. And then, it becomes part of your brand.

Think Maslow's pyramid. Gretchen Rubin's four tendencies. Don Beck's Spiral Dynamics. Byron Katies the Work.

When you map out what you do, you might be able to identify gaps. and fill them in so that everything is seamless from start to finish.

It's also an opportunity to think about how other people might experience your work - what would they need or want at each stage?

My own process – Business Storyboarding is actually linear.

Can you find a model for what you do on the picture above?

If not, you might want to join me for an experimental free workshop tomorrow, where I help you picture your process.

It is going to be fun!

You can register here.

I'd love to draw together with you!