Eggs, Potential and the Messy Middle

Above you see the first stage of starting a project. So many ideas, so many possibilities! It feels great.
But there are two more stages to come.

But then, as soon as you begin pinning them down, it is as if they evaporate.

On paper, they don't look nearly as good as you had imagined them.

This is true for art, but also for building a business - or anything. Reality gets in the way.

Unfortunately,  you can't skip this phase.

Don't give up.

Try to hold on to your vision while you work your way through the messy middle.

We have now arrived at the last stage: The pieces of your project are beginning to fall into place!

For me, sometimes this breakthrough happens after I have worked some time on a project, get totally dissatisfied, and start from scratch at the last minute.

Sometimes it is just a little "aha" moment.

I experience these three stages in art or design projects, but also when I'm doing Brand Storyboard sessions. There is always a phase where it seems to go nowhere. But after some more digging and diving and drawing, there comes a moment when everything looks simple and satisfying - and fun!

So, stay with it when you feel like you're stuck in the messy middle.

Happy Easter!


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