Fight Funnel Vision


If you are an entrepreneur in the online space, you have come across the concept of funnels. The idea is simply that you give people a little freebie in order to get them into your sphere of influence (i.e. on your newsletter), so you can sell stuff to them later.

There is nothing wrong with this idea. After all, people only sign up for newsletters if they want to. It is all voluntary!

The problem is that while studying online marketing I got allergic to marketing-speak. I think I got an overdose of hooks and conversion recipes.

I don't say that this doesn't work for making money. Some people make a shitload of money with the ugliest and most manipulative funnels. Their followers are enthusiastic, and some also make shitloads of money, or so they say.

I don't have a model for making shitloads of money.

But I know that following the recipes doesn't inspire me, at all. What inspires me is the connection with my audience, and to delight them with doing my thing!

And yes, I have a newsletter, with peeks behind the scene, and of course, illustrations.

I'll put the link in the comments. Subscribing is voluntary, you won't even get a freebie!



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