Friendly Money Magic

Friendly Money Magic

Book tip: "Love Money, Money Loves You", by Sarah McCrum, was recommended to me.

Disclaimer: I didn't get far into it before I got inspired to illustrate. But I'll read it!

Here is the first paragraph, where "Money" is speaking:

"I would like to tell you to love me. Smile at me. Collect me. Enjoy me. Feel my power. Spend me. Invest me. Give me. Pay with me. Take me. I am an energy. I am very powerful and beautiful. I am an incredible web of connections."
I wonder what would happen when we saw money like this, instead of a scary and scarce monster.

It felt good to draw it as a Friendly Spirit.

And we know that drawing is magic, so maybe try to doodle your own Money Spirit.

I wish you an abundant Thursday!

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