From strength to strength

My journey from creator to communicator

For years, communication wasn’t my focus. I wanted my work to speak for itself. I identified strongly as a creator. (And I still do!)

But later in life, I discovered the joy of connecting with a community. This required a shift - from creator to communicator.

Becoming ALSO a teacher transformed my business and life. It gave me a new purpose in sharing my passion.

I recognized my journey in Arthur C. Brooks’ book “From Strength to Strength.” He writes that our raw creation power declines over time. This is sad, but true for all professions from athletes to artists.

The good news: There is another kind of intelligence! Our communication curve grows as we gather wisdom.

I didn't start teaching because I felt that my creative powers had left me. It just felt better. Letting go of my narrow creator identity opened possibilities.

I don’t know if you go through a dramatic identity shift. Maybe trying something new is enough.

But I’m glad I made the leap. It led me to a whole new mountain with its rewards and fulfillment.

Have you felt the call to reinvent, renew, or share your gifts?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on evolving from creator to communicator.