Happy holidays … with random animal.

As you know, I am a visual storyteller, and creative by profession.

To create a holiday illustration shouldn’t be a problem, right? Everybody is writing holiday greetings!

But. I have been procrastinating for days.

Time is running out, and impostor syndrome is creeping in…

I try to draw Santa Claus in his sleigh. No. Much too complicated. It takes forever, and looks corny.

I try a modern approach: A few words in clean type on white background, some geometrical, vaguely tree-shaped forms. The result looks like a mediocre design school assignment.

I try just doodling. Fun, but not for Christmas!

Why it is so difficult to send a nice little holiday greeting to the nice people who like my drawings??

Aaah. I see. I had it all wrong. I want to connect with my people, not show off my skills. It doesn't matter what I draw.

A wave of relief.

I used to draw our dog Maggie into my illustrations. Sadly, she died last spring.

So I just think of a random animal. Starting with letter... B.

Bear is it.

And this is how it came that it is me and random, but friendly bear now wish you a wonderful Christmas holiday, and the very best and creative New Year.

I am looking forward to connecting more next year.

Thank you so much for reading.

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