Hard skills and serendipity

Kat skitse perspec

Sneak peek into a storyboarding session.

Sometimes it blows my own mind how effective it is what I'm doing.


Yesterday I had a session with a lovely coach who is "helping burnt-out professionals to discover and live their purpose"

(Sidenote: A one-liner like this often emerges automagically from the picture, without half trying!)

Soulful Career Coach Kat Renee had already developed a mountain- metaphor and diagram for her approach. I simplified it a bit - because you can't fit as much information in a little drawing as you can with PowerPoint. The pencil forces you to think clearly!

We discovered that the sketched pyramid showed exactly why learning hard skills doesn't lead to a fulfilled life.

Enthusiastically, we developed a series of triangle-to-pyramid-to-mountain images together. It was fun, and it made sense.

It is not that I'm a genius at what I'm doing. The setup allows true co-creation, and the messiness allows for serendipity.

The image above is a peek into the working document from the session. Now I'm going to clean it up, organize, and prettify it a bit.

But the value is already delivered. Here is a sentence I jotted down during the session:

"I didn’t realize how powerful my work is until you drew what I do".

I need to write that on my website.

Thank you, Kat.


P.S. Next Tuesday I'm going to meet with Kat and other participants for a group coaching session where we talk about how to apply the insights from the Brand Storyboards to our business. I might also draw a pyramid or something.
It is part of the Visual Thinking made Easy course

We meet on Tuesdays 8 PM Copenhagen time, and alternate between group coaching and drawing workshops.