I do what it takes to..

Here is a "Find your why" prompt that I stumbled upon:

Answer the question: 'What do you do?' (in your mind) with 'I do whatever it takes to...'

For me, it is: 'I do whatever it takes to liberate the person I talked about in my story

  • who feels too tall, too short, too old, too creative, too different. Who is hiding instead of stepping into her power and sharing her gifts

So, who would you do 'whatever it takes' for?

Finding the answer can be a game-changer in aligning your business and life with your true purpose."

When someone asks you what you do, you can still say, "I'm a wellness coach; I help women in their middle years get healthy and happy".

If you talk more about it, let the "and I do whatever it takes" question guide you, and it will become more alive and passionate.

Are you going to do "whatever it takes"? (Even if it means doing marketing and posting on social media), so you can reach your people?


P.S. Here is a weird little twist that might not work for everyone, but it makes it more tangible for me
I imagine  I'll be reborn as my old, lost self. Therefore, I'm now spreading breadcrumbs and material that would speak to her, and I'll do whatever I can to help her.